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Mapping Molecules in Developing Lungs

PNNL awarded 5 year NIH grant to map molecules in developing lungs leveraging capabilities in MS-based omics, imaging, and bioinformatics. Full story here.

See PNNL at ASMS in St. Louis

PNNL will be at the 63rd ASMS (American Society for Mass Spectrometry) Conference being held in St. Louis, MO May 31 - 24, 2015.  See you there.

Members of our group will give the following presentations:


Paper in PNAS: How a Plant Beckons the Bacteria That Will Do It Harm

Work on microbial signaling offers a window into better biofuels, human health

A common plant puts out a welcome mat to bacteria seeking to invade, and scientists at the University of Missouri and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have discovered the mat's molecular mix.

Welcome to the new Omics website

The new PNNL Omics website has been has been streamlined to focus on publications and their supporting data and on downloadable software and presentations and posters.

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