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I am an analytical chemist with 10 years of mass spectrometry experience researching ion dynamics and reactions in the gas phase and mass spectrometry (MS) instrumentation research and development.  In the last year I have focused primarily on ion mobility spectrometry (IMS)/MS instrument development for enabling dissociation reactions of peptide ions in tandem with IMS/MS analysis and for lossless IMS/MS manipulations and drift time measurements for biological analyses. I have demonstrated essentially lossless ion transmission and IMS resolving power while turning an ion beam 90° and switching paths of ion packets as a function of their drift times. My background and expertise lies in: (i) extended experience with instrumentation and method development with ion optics utilizing inhomogeneous RF fields, (ii) doctoral and postdoctoral experience with implementing ion/ion and ion/molecule reactions in ion optical elements and (iii) experience with mass spectral interpretation for ion reaction products from biologically relevant macromolecules including peptides, proteins, drugs, oligonucleotides, etc. Currently I am working on new instrumentation for targeted pan-omics analyses.

Research Interests:

Analytical Chemistry, Mass Spectrometry, Ion Mobility Spectroscopy, Gas Phase Reactions with Ions, Instrumentation Development


2012     Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

2008     B.S. in Chemistry with Minor in Mathematics, The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA

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