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Sandilya Garimella


Dr. Sandilya Garimella's research focusses on studying the fundamentals of ion transport in mass spectrometry. In his graduate research Dr. Garimella used Continuum and Monte Carlo based multiphysics simulations to study ion motion in gas dynamic, DC and RF trapping fields in miniature ion trap MS systems. His work was useful in throwing light on fundamental transport phenomenon occuring in Discontinuous Atmospheric Pressure Interface(DAPI) mass spectrometry systems and helped guide the design and development of high efficiency MS systems that performed gas phase ion chemistry and in situ, high throughput, large area chemical analysis.

At PNNL, Dr. Garimella currently works on multiphysics modeling and simulation of ion motion in RF and gas dynamic fields for ion focusing, manipulation and transport in IMS and general purpose MS applications.

Research Interests:

Gas phase ion physics

Miniaturization of mass spectrometry systems

Novel analytical systems

Instrumentation development

Gas dynamics

Computational fluid dynamics


PhD, Biomedical Engineering, Purdue University, December 2012

MS, Mechanical Engineering,Purdue University, May 2009

BTech, Mechanical Engineering, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, May 2006

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