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Computational Infrastructure


We utilize the Panomics Research Information Storage and Management system (PRISM) for tracking all aspects of the research and data analysis performed in our group. PRISM is a highly customized and optimized Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) coupled with automated software managers for tracking and analyzing data.  PRISM was developed at PNNL, starting in 2001 and evolving through today.

Information tracked by PRISM includes:

  • Biomaterial
  • Prepared samples
  • Instrument data files
  • Automated software analysis results
  • Curated data

Automated data analysis tasks coordinated by PRISM include:

  • MS-GF+
  • DeconTools
  • MSAlign
  • MSPathFinder
  • Dataset QA



The Data Management System (DMS) portion of PRISM includes a mature set of interrelated SQL Server relational databases for tracking metadata, a rich website for users to interact with the system, and a set of analysis managers for automated file handling and data processing. Data in PRISM is archived to the EMSL Aurora archive and can be exported to public repositories. PRISM also leverages the PNNL Institutionalized Computing (PIC) cluster as required to process large data analysis batches.


PRISM Hardware

PRISM is powered by a mature, scalable, extensive infrastructure, composed of:

  • Webservers for data query and entry
  • SQL Server databases for data tracking
  • Windows storage servers for file tracking
  • Aurora Data Archive for data archive
  • Processing Nodes for data processing
  • Software Managers for running analysis jobs, managing files, and monitoring systems

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