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Integrative Omics Opportunities

The Integrative Omics group has exciting career opportunities in omics measurement technology development and biological application research. You can learn more about our research at the following web pages:

If you're interested in joining this exciting research team we have opportunities for a number of positions including:

  • Staff Scientists
  • Post-Doctorial Researchers
  • Internships (includes: High School, Undergraduate or Graduate)
  • Visiting Scientists
  • Summer Appointments

Selected Open Positions

Job Title: Post Doctorate RA - Quantitative Proteomics
Overview: This postdoctoral position on quantitative proteomics focuses on the development of and application of targeted protein quantification techniques for studying specific cellular pathways at the molecular level and for verification of protein candidate biomarkers for diagnosis, prognosis, and therapeutics from cells, tissues, and biofluids.

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Job Title: Post Doctorate RA - Bioinformatics
Overview: This postdoctoral position, for the computational development of algorithms for proteomics, is at the cutting edge of computational sciences and biological problems with huge potential impact on human health and the environment.

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Job Title: Post Bachelors RA - Software Engineer
Overview: This post-bachelors position will entail develop of a software suite for mass spectrometry based proteomics.  Two example projects are: synthetic communities for biofuel research, and cancer proteomics. 

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Information on Careers at PNNL

For more information on opportunities in Integrative Omics please contact:

Richard D. Smith, Director of Proteomics
(509) 371-6576


Joshua N. Adkins, Associate Director of Integrative Omics
(509) 371-6583
Email Josh

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