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Shi T., Gaffrey M.J, Fillmore T.L, Nicora C.D, Yi L., Zhang P., Shukla A.K, Wiley H.S, Rodland K.D, Liu T. et al..  2018.  Facile carrier-assisted targeted mass spectrometric approach for proteomic analysis of low numbers of mammalian cells. Commun Biol.
Kramer P.A, Duan J., Gaffrey M.J, Shukla A.K, Wang L., Bammler T.K, Qian W.J, Marcinek D.J.  2018.  Fatiguing contractions increase protein S-glutathionylation occupancy in mouse skeletal muscle. Redox Biol.
Zhang T., Gaffrey M.J, Thrall B.D, Qian W.J.  2018.  Mass spectrometry-based proteomics for system-level characterization of biological responses to engineered nanomaterials. Anal Bioanal Chem.
Zhu Y., Piehowski P.D, Zhao R., Chen J., Shen Y., Moore R.J, Shukla A.K, Petyuk V.A, Campbell-Thompson M., Mathews C.E et al..  2018.  Nanodroplet processing platform for deep and quantitative proteome profiling of 10-100 mammalian cells. Nat Commun.
Stanfill B.A, Nakayasu E.S, Bramer L.M, Thompson A.M, Ansong C.K, Clauss T.R, Gritsenko M.A, Monroe M.E, Moore R.J, Orton D.J et al..  2018.  Quality Control Analysis in Real-time (QC-ART): A Tool for Real-time Quality Control Assessment of Mass Spectrometry-based Proteomics Data. Mol. Cell Proteomics.
Zhu Y., Zhao R., Piehowski P.D, Moore R.J, Lim S., Orphan V.J, Pa?a-Toli? L., Qian W.J, Smith R.D, Kelly R.T.  2018.  Subnanogram proteomics: impact of LC column selection, MS instrumentation and data analysis strategy on proteome coverage for trace samples. Int J Mass Spectrom.
Yi L., Shi T., Gritsenko M.A, Chan C.YX'avia, Fillmore T.L, Hess B.M, Swensen A.C, Liu T., Smith R.D, Wiley H.S et al..  2018.  Targeted Quantification of Phosphorylation Dynamics in the Context of EGFR-MAPK Pathway. Anal. Chem..
Sigdel T.K, Mercer N., Nandoe S., Nicora C.D, Burnum-Johnson K., Qian W.J, Sarwal M.M.  2018.  Urinary Virome Perturbations in Kidney Transplantation. Front Med (Lausanne).
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