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Shi T., Gaffrey M.J, Fillmore T.L, Nicora C.D, Yi L., Zhang P., Shukla A.K, Wiley H.S, Rodland K.D, Liu T. et al..  2018.  Facile carrier-assisted targeted mass spectrometric approach for proteomic analysis of low numbers of mammalian cells. Commun Biol.
Chouinard C.D, Nagy G., Webb I.K, Shi T., Baker E.S, Prost S.A, Liu T., Ibrahim Y.M, Smith R.D.  2018.  Improved Sensitivity and Separations for Phosphopeptides using Online Liquid Chromotography Coupled with Structures for Lossless Ion Manipulations Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry. Anal. Chem..
Stevens S.L, Liu T., Bahjat F.R, Petyuk V.A, Schepmoes A.A, Sontag R.L, Gritsenko M.A, Wu C., Wang S., Shukla A.K et al..  2018.  Preconditioning in the Rhesus Macaque Induces a Proteomic Signature Following Cerebral Ischemia that Is Associated with Neuroprotection. Transl Stroke Res.
Mertins P., Tang L.C, Krug K., Clark D.J, Gritsenko M.A, Chen L., Clauser K.R, Clauss T.R, Shah P., Gillette M.A et al..  2018.  Reproducible workflow for multiplexed deep-scale proteome and phosphoproteome analysis of tumor tissues by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry. Nat Protoc.
Yi L., Shi T., Gritsenko M.A, Chan C.YX'avia, Fillmore T.L, Hess B.M, Swensen A.C, Liu T., Smith R.D, Wiley H.S et al..  2018.  Targeted Quantification of Phosphorylation Dynamics in the Context of EGFR-MAPK Pathway. Anal. Chem..
Garabedian A., Benigni P., Ramirez C.E, Baker E.S, Liu T., Smith R.D, Fernandez-Lima F..  2018.  Towards Discovery and Targeted Peptide Biomarker Detection Using nanoESI-TIMS-TOF MS. J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom..
Nie S., Shi T., Fillmore T.L, Schepmoes A.A, Brewer H., Gao Y., Song E., Wang H., Rodland K.D, Qian W.J et al..  2017.  Deep-Dive Targeted Quantification for Ultrasensitive Analysis of Proteins in Nondepleted Human Blood Plasma/Serum and Tissues. Anal. Chem..
Park J., Piehowski P.D, Wilkins C., Zhou M., Mendoza J., Fujimoto G.M, Gibbons B.C, Shaw J.B, Shen Y., Shukla A.K et al..  2017.  Informed-Proteomics: open-source software package for top-down proteomics. Nat. Methods.
Park J., Piehowski P.D, Wilkins C., Zhou M., Mendoza J., Fujimoto G.M, Gibbons B.C, Shaw J.B, Shen Y., Shukla A.K et al..  2017.  Informed-Proteomics: Open-source Software Package for Top-down Proteomics. Nat. Methods.
Shi T., Quek S.I, Gao Y., Nicora C.D, Nie S., Fillmore T.L, Liu T., Rodland K.D, Smith R.D, Leach R.J et al..  2017.  Multiplexed targeted mass spectrometry assays for prostate cancer-associated urinary proteins. Oncotarget.
Zhou J.Y, Chen L., Zhang B., Tian Y., Liu T., Thomas S.N, Chen L., Schnaubelt M., Boja E., Hiltke T. et al..  2017.  Quality Assessments of Long-Term Quantitative Proteomic Analysis of Breast Cancer Xenograft Tissues. J. Proteome Res..
Wang S., Yang F., Petyuk V.A, Shukla A.K, Monroe M.E, Gritsenko M.A, Rodland K.D, Smith R.D, Qian W.J, Gong C.X et al..  2017.  Quantitative proteomics identifies altered O-GlcNAcylation of structural, synaptic and memory-associated proteins in Alzheimer's disease. J. Pathol..
Song E., Gao Y., Wu C., Shi T., Nie S., Fillmore T.L, Schepmoes A.A, Gritsenko M.A, Qian W.J, Smith R.D et al..  2017.  Targeted proteomic assays for quantitation of proteins identified by proteogenomic analysis of ovarian cancer. Sci Data.
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